Analiza canalelor auziliare – o scurta introducere in technici modern de evaluare a algoritmilor cryptografici

In 1999 Paul Kocher introduce conceptul de canal auxiliar, o noua tehnica pentru analiza securitati implementarilor algorithmilor cryptografic. Tehnica e utilizata pentru extragerea cheilor secrete al unor algorithmi consacrati: DES, AES, RSA, etc. Acesta tehnica schimba radical evaluarea algorithmilor cryptografici in industrie si marcheaza inceputul unui nou important domeniu de cercetare. In acest tutorial o sa introduc conceptul de canal auxiliar, de ce e important si cum se aplica.

—In his 1999 seminal paper, Paul Kocher introduces the concept of side channel analysis, which will forever change how we evaluate the security of cryptographic implementations.
Without specially designed countermeasures, strong cipher such as DES, AES, RSA (todays standard technology for encryption) can be easily broken. Next to its impact on the security industry, this paper also marks the beginning or a very dynamic and rich research area. In this talk I will discuss why this area is relevant, how side channel attacks work in practice and I will give a brief overview of achievements and challenges in the field.