Application for a fitness gym

Author: Andrea Henter

The main purpose of the application “FitMaker-GYM” is to provide users with a digital platform to help them discover the gym but also in achieving their fitness and health goals. This application has many objectives, but the fundamental aim is to facilitate a healthy and active lifestyle.

Creating my fitness website is an opportunity to create an application that people can use as knowledge and inspiration to reach a healthy lifestyle. I find joy in guiding them on their wellness journeys, offering workout plans, nutrition advice, and fostering a supportive online community. This project not only allows me to expand my skills in web development, design, and content creation but also lets me build a thriving fitness community, where users come together to share experiences.

The overall app presentation includes 3 types of users which are non-authenticated users: browse public content, access contact information, view subscription options but can’t purchase; authenticated users: create and manage user profiles, customize workout plans, purchase subscriptions, engage with the community, receive personalized nutritional packs and administrators: manage user accounts, control website content, moderate user-generated content, provide technical support, ensure security and privacy.