Author: Dragoș Andreica

Coordinator: Sabo Cosmin

The goal of this project, is to create a highly intelligent and effective chatbot system that draws inspiration from ChatGPT. The main objective is to develop a strong conversational agent that can comprehend and react to a wide variety of user inputs. This entails exploring natural language processing, improving contextual comprehension, and making sure the chatbot can be customized for use in a variety of settings. In order to enable future improvements and iterations and establish the groundwork for a complex chatbot that can be built alone, the scope also involves building a scalable and modular architecture.
This initiative is driven by the increasing importance of artificial intelligence in improving user interfaces and information retrieval. The need for intelligent conversational agents has increased as technology develops, with uses in customer service, education, and entertainment. The intention is to create a smooth and intuitive user experience by bridging the gap between human communication and computer understanding. My goal is to make a difference in the rapidly changing field of AI-driven communication by developing a chatbot that learns from user preferences and keeps improving its responses.
The project’s chatbot is intended to be a flexible and engaging conversation partner. By utilizing cutting-edge natural language processing methods, it is able to understand user input, recognize context, and produce responses that are logical and appropriate for the given situation. The application aims to imitate a real conversation, going beyond simple question-answer exchanges. Users can search for information, have informal conversations, and participate in discussions on a variety of subjects. Because of its capacity for learning, the chatbot may adjust and get better over time, guaranteeing a unique and changing user experience. With this project, I hope to demonstrate how sophisticated conversational AI can improve user happiness and engagement.