Cristina Maria Oros, Larisa Delia Pașcu, Maria Pop, Raluca Patricia Roman, Gabriela Olga Vona

The #Cicero_PRo_XGEN paper focuses on the connection between Cicero and media education, between teoretic knowledge and the adaptation to our century’s context characterised by an unstructured informational „bombardment”, passing through Romanian literature, stopping at the actual political context (the speech of Erdogan). The logic of the ciceronian speech implemented into a world that exposed to fakes and contemporan manipulation can constitute an exercise for a much more „attractive” preparation of young students, getting them used to dealing with nowadays’ extremly fluid world problems. It’s clear and unforced the proximity of the world and ciceronian education and the contemporary world which should give much more attention to the binomial „ratio-oratio”.

Keywords: Cicero, speech, media education, Erdogan, Alexandru Lăpușneanu, ratio, oratio, manipulation