Humanity’s new habitat: the Infosphere and its implications for knowledge dynamics

Author: Florin Ghiurgiu

The text focuses on Luciano Floridi’s concept of the ‘infosphere’, a digital reality that reshapes how we interact with and understand knowledge. It challenges the traditional role of humans as sole knowledge creators, with digitalization and data accumulation becoming central.
This shift requires rethinking the creation, distribution, and access to knowledge since the line between physical and virtual realities blurs, leading to a complex informational environment. This change is not just about accessing information via the internet; it suggests our entire life experience is now mediated digitally.
The text also touches on how this shift affects the nature of knowledge, which is becoming more data-driven. The concept of ‘onlife’ is introduced, indicating the intertwined nature of online and offline experiences in our daily lives. The conclusion emphasizes the need for critical engagement regarding the infosphere as a pivotal tool in the pursuit of holistic understanding and redefining how we perceive and engage with the boundless informational resources available.