Innovative didactic strategy to encourage green building literacy in vocational education

Author: Bianca-Maria Cânța

The work includes a pedagogical approach to an interdisciplinary didactic content, to a technological high school class on the topic of finishing elements and insulation of green buildings. Starting from the content of the Curriculum to the ninth grade, the field of training Construction, installations and public works, Module 1: Components for the construction, installations and public works, Module 1, the paper is designed a teaching activity for The Green Week, as part of the structure of the school year, which also addresses the topic of biodiversity. The didactic strategy consists of both traditional teaching methods and interactive teaching methods. The focus is on the inverted class method and jigsaw with the intensive use of digital educational means such as Jamboard, VEED.IO, Google Classroom being required as components of digital infrastructure school smartphone, the, laptop and smart whiteboard. Artificial intelligence is identified through the digital resources that underpin the creation of teaching materials.
Keywords: profesori, elevi, resurse educaționale digitale, clădiri verzi