Learning based on project-a new efficient teaching method mi Step by step Kindergartens

Pomian Gabriela Corteea Denisa

In this paper we want to present an experience of success in our professional activity.
It’s about METHOD PROJECTS – one of the main methods of teaching – learning – evaluation of alternative educational STEP BY STEP, we promote with our kindergarten children.
In the first part of the paper I presented a brief history of the method projects, seen as a ‘global, integrated with a strong interdisciplinary character, the argument being that each stage of development is closely linked to the previous ones and each child has a rhythm and individual development. Multiple positive influences also come from different directions.
The ingenuity of this method is the ability of the teacher and harmoniously combine different learning styles of children to emphasize interest, motivation and success.
For example I proposed a project type adventure theme ,, WERE ONCE DINOSAURS
Work steps are shown, from arguments, gathering information, purpose, objectives, identification of partners, the areas curricular activities planning.
Learning during an adventure is sustainable because feelings are deep, acquisitions are made in a pleasant and efficient way.
Highly recommend this kind of activities that will pull the monotony of teaching, will broaden the action environment and factors involved, and certainly will guarantee success , so important for young children.
In our teaching experience we successfully accomplished different types of projects with obvious developmental aims in teaching pre-school children.
In this way we accessed different topic based projects-in accordance to the Step by step educational alternative methodology –an example closer to student’s understanding .Also project like-solving problems or Adventure are present in our classroom activities with the children.
Following we are going to introduce such a project we had together with the children in the upper pre-school group .It is about an adventure type project called:ONCE UPON A TIME THERE WERE DINOSAURUS