Abstract — The modern trading is shifting to online shopping because it is a fast, trustworthy, not tied to time and it does not require cash kind of trading form. There are a lot of online stores and online trading applications, but these apps usability, reliability and correctness is most of the times debatable. 


The app handles the marketing of a set of products from within a server. Each product has stored inside the server an identifier, price and a description along with pictures. The user can choose between the listed items the right one for him, can compare with similar products and has the possibility to purchase them with a bank account. The chosen products can be categorized and put in the cart for later purchase.

The server and the database can display elements even if an internet is not present. Some of the elements that are liked by the user can be put inside a “favorites” list, that will be displayed in a dedicated location. The different products inside the store are displayed within different categories but are displayed inside one list in favorites.

A single item can be purchased or the whole content of the favorites list if so desired. 

During the development of the application I took in account that a lower performance, or persons that have lower technical know-how can also use the application.

Ease of use

The usage of the online store is easy and it does not require large amount of storage space on the users device. Also, the servers and databases are accessible even on poor network connections, making possible to select and store products on the personal device. 

Simple interactions make the app easy to use, to navigate between products, group or to cancel a command.


The application does not ask for personal informations from the user, which could be used for malicious purposes of other programs. I tried to connect the various internet possibilities that it won’t tie to any person. The security measure that are on each used source make it possible for the user to use the application with peace of mind.’

Author: Orban Adam

Teacher: Horvat Marc Andrei