Population distribution of Bombina variegata near Mogosa lake

Amphibians are a unique group of vertebrates containing nearly 7,000 species. One third of amphibian species are at risk of becoming extinct. One major drawback of amphibians are their dependency on water and suitable landscape. Because they inhabit both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, any change will have catastrophic effect on their population and existence. Standing at the middle section of the food chain, they are controlling the invertebrate populations as well as being food source for other living beings. Our studied species, Bombina variegata, is an interesting case. It is internationally endangered species, losing suitable habitats. Yet, in Romania their numbers remain relatively constant. This is due to the fact, that it tolerates pollution and they’re skeleton is robust. The objectives of the study were to find populations of Bombina variegata, distribution near Mogosa lake and mapping habitat preferences.