Romanian rural area in Salaj County – On the verge of absolute poverty and social exclusion

Poverty always existed, it is now, and it will certainly be in the future. The number of Romanian citizens without money, a house or a job grows continuously. The suggested solutions through political strategies offered by the left or the right parties, proved to be helpless when facing this growing phenomenon of poverty.
In this article I want to present the Romanian rural area, mainly Salaj county, considering the most important factors which favour poverty and social exclusion. I consider that it is important to underline the role of public authorities (central and local ones) in the regional development, in promoting social inclusion and in fighting poverty and any forms of discrimination in marginalised communities.
In the end I intend to draw attention on the necessity to establish partnerships between public authorities and different social actors (private organisations, both public or volunteering/ non-governmental), partnerships which are needed in order to be able to apply /use the instruments of the cohesion policy which is the main investment policy of the European Union meant to develop all the regions through a durable and dynamic growth.
I consider that a solution for implementing efficiently this cohesion policy in rural area is represented by encouraging Local Action Groups that can identify issues which lead to poverty and also they will be able to direct European money to finance projects of local interest.