Author: Miriam Romaniuc

While we all know health is one of the most important factors in our life, most of us get caugh in the agitated day-to-day routine, where we barely have time to think about what we are doing. Even if we might do some steps towards fixing some of our alimentary habits, the very first steps in the world of diet and fitness are quite intimidating, everyone has a strong opinion and claims only their method is efficient, even tho it might be the exact opposite of what the person right before them said, so even if we started enthusiastic, willing to learn new things in order to fix our lives, we might just end up feeling disoriented and frustrated.

I want to create a tool that will make implementing healthy habits as easy and convinient as possible, while also giving bits of education to the user to empower him with the necessary knowledge for a permanent change in the way he views this subject.

The app will create automatically a training program and a meal plan customized to the needs of the user, giving him all the possibilities he needs but not overwhelming him with to many decisions.
He will be able to see all the predefined meal plans and training programms to see if they align with what he was looking for, and once he has decided he is ready to give it a go, he can either choose from one of the predefined plans, contact a professional, to guide him, or create a personalized plan, as the app is also tailored towards individuals who already have a routine but want an app that will help them save some time on the planning, and visualize everything more clearly.