This year, XGEN Hacks’ topic is Big Data. Extracting information from internet, data structuring and supplying it to users.

How long does the presentation take?

  • Presentations will take up to 15 minutes including the Q & A session
  • Presentations may be filmed
  • Presentation can be done in Romanian or English

What are the jugding criteria?

  • The solutions presented at the end will be adjudicated by a panel of judges
  • The criteria upon which they will be judged are shown below on this page
  • The judges’ decision is final
  • Winning teams will be awarded from the 30.000 lei prize pool

Who is eligible to participate at XGEN HACKS?

  • All students in a degree program who are at least eighteen years of age at conference date.

How many members can have a team?

  • Teams may be consisting of two or three students
  • Teams can be made up of developers
  • Or just one developer who can gather a team willing to build innovative solutions

What will the teams participating in XGEN Hacks do?

  • Teams attending this XGEN Hacks will have a subject, or simply a problem, that they need to find a software solution for it
  • Finding and building the software solution must be done within the 24 hours deadline
  • Pizza, energy drinks or sodas will be supplied at all times durring the competition

Judging Criteria

  1. Quality of the idea (20 pts)

  2. Implementation of the idea(50 pts)

  3. How well the user / business need was addressed(30 pts)