The efficient manager of the project team

In this article I will present some perspectives of approaching the art of leadership, the main leadership styles, the development of key competencies, the skills and roles of  the project manager. The case study  presents the qualities, skills and leadership style of the project manager within the implementation team of a project financed with European [...]


Starting from this dicton, trying to start a comprehensive study of identification of the opportunities which they have the city in this field and hence attract European funds in this direction. The city of Baia Sprie, is located in the region of development northwest of Romania, Maramureș County, on the national highway no. 18, in [...]

The future of E-commerce in Romania

Nowadays, IT has a major influence on commercial activities, accelerating the adoption of e-commerce and e-marketplace participation in many industries. E-commerce is becoming popular and its benefits encourage its adoption. This article aims to outline the important role of the E-commerce for the future of modern economies. In the first part of the article we [...]

Recognition of exchange rate differences in the context of national accounting regulations

The exchange rate is the exchange ratio between two currencies. The exchange difference is the difference resulting from the conversion of a certain number of units of a currency into another currency at different exchange rates. The paper summarizes the main provisions contained in the accounting regulations at hand regarding the assessment of foreign currency [...]

Agriculture – A major factor in economic growth

Agriculture has undergone a sustained development under the impetus of the positive consequences of the agrarian reform in 1921. Industrial development between 1934-1938 made Romania in 1938 cover its industrial production needs in the proportion of 80% of its own production. Agriculture occupies an important place in the economy and in our country's policy. It [...]

Romanian rural area in Salaj County – On the verge of absolute poverty and social exclusion

Poverty always existed, it is now, and it will certainly be in the future. The number of Romanian citizens without money, a house or a job grows continuously. The suggested solutions through political strategies offered by the left or the right parties, proved to be helpless when facing this growing phenomenon of poverty. In this [...]

The efficient management of the project team

This article presents the importance of the project management, frames of the project team management, communication process involving the team, facts that influence the project team development, making of the project team and the scheduling of the human resources for the project. The case study is about the communication process involving the team that develops [...]

A social movie tracker Android Application

An Android application that helps users keep track of what movies they saw or did not. Users can create watch lists, add movies to their favorites and interact with other users. They can chat about what movies they enjoy, what movies they plan to see next and also view each other's watch lists and favorites. [...]


A web application for the management of an hospital, in which doctors can manage their settings and patients better. Author: Feder Anda Teachers: Ioana Zelina si Macelaru Mara Lector univ. Mara Măcelaru-HajduConf. Univ. Dr. Ioana ZelinaFeder Anda

Plugin Customer Relationship Management for WordPress

This project is a plugin for wordpress. The goal of this project is to ease  work on this platform by means of organizations, filter and edit customer, project, invoices, campaigns, organizations, opportunities and creating task. This plugin improves relationship  with potential customer. Author: Suciu Stefania Ioana Teacher: Cosmin Sabo conf. univ. dr. Cosmin SaboXGEN CoordinatorSuciu Stefania [...]

Business Intelligence in Social Networking

In common sense social media refers to a conversational, distributed mode of content generation, dissemination, and communication among communities. Different from the broadcast-based traditional and industrial media, social media has deviate from initial meaning based on authorship and readership, while the information consumption and dissemination process is becoming essential interconnected with the process of generating [...]

ArtiSense-News analysis application using artificial intelligence algorithms

In today’s media filled world, an analysis tool able to provide good analysing to our news from a sentimental point of view is extremely important in helping us make optimal decisions regarding what news we consider relevant to our needs. The present paper proposes an implementation of a sentimental analysis application using artificial intelligence algorithms implemented in [...]