The importance of reading in children’s lives

Author: Daniela Andreea Cozma


This study aims to explore the importance of reading in the lives of children. In a world dominated by technology, for many children, reading is no longer a priority. During leisure time, children often prefer television, phones, the internet, and social media, but these will never replace the moral, cultural, and educational value of a book. For this reason, educators should collaborate with parents to address this situation.

Parents should start reading to their children from the time they are in the mother’s womb. The first books in a child’s life are usually brightly colored and accompanied by various sounds or songs that stimulate attention. Reading is a way for parents to spend more time with their children, playing an important role in the child’s intellectual and emotional development, as well as in acquiring communication and interaction skills with others.

Parents are the ones who should choose the books that can be read to children, and these choices should be made carefully. To assist parents in making the right selections, publishers, kindergartens, and schools provide recommendations for various books suitable for the child’s age.